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At Knoxville Smiles, we dedicate ourselves to improving oral health, comfort, function and beauty, in collaboration with you, our patient.

We respect each patient as a unique individual. We take pride in listening well to our patients, understanding their circumstances and preferences, fully communicating with them, and partnering with them for their care. You will find we are kind, compassionate and gentle.

We have designed our practice for optimal communication among the members of our staff. The entire team knows about you and will guide you appropriately during your visits. Our clinical team members will help you understand your oral health circumstance and in making decisions that are right for you. Our administrative team is well prepared to provide exceptional service.

An initial comprehensive exam and conversation with Dr. Michael Costa or Dr. Stephen Malone will start you on a care plan that is individualized for your health situation. The next step may be treatment of an urgent dental problem. It may be regular checkups and cleanings to ensure you maintain your healthy mouth. It may mean developing a plan of treatment, in partnership with you, to cost-effectively and efficiently restore your mouth to health and achieve your smile improvement goals.

Drs. Malone and Costa partner together. They discuss dental cases and collaborate on treatment, so you have the advantage of two exceptionally well trained and skilled dentists working together to give you the best care.

We are committed to fully informing patients so you can make the treatment decisions that are right for you. We are experts in diagnosis and treatment of complex dental problems, not just general care. In our one building, Drs. Costa and Malone perform the full range of dental procedures that you and your family may need. They have invested in advanced technology and continuously train in the latest techniques. In the dental laboratory downstairs, certified dental technicians work on our custom dental restorations and implant components.

Knoxville Smiles is one of Knoxville’s longest established dental practices. Other dentists come here for their oral health care, to learn from us, and even to use our dental lab. If you are seeking the highest quality of care in an environment where everyone knows your name and genuinely cares about you, then you have found the right place. Give us a call today!