Why choose Dr. Stephen Malone for your Invisalign® treatment?

Dr. Stephen Malone of Knoxville, TN is familiar with the many ways to create a beautiful smile with modern dentistry. One aspect of a beautiful, healthy smile is the proper alignment of your teeth.

If you have been thinking about Invisalign orthodontics to give you the smile you’ve always wanted, you understand the benefits of the Invisalign technology… the ease of clear and smooth aligners, removability for eating and cleaning your teeth, and comparable speed and cost of treatment. But, because many dentists offer Invisalign, you may be wondering why you should select Dr. Malone for this treatment.

The dentist you choose will make diagnostic and treatment planning decisions that affect the final results of your orthodontics. Dr. Malone is detail oriented and focused on giving patients optimal teeth positioning for optimal health as well as cosmetic appearance. And, he can handle the complexity your individual case may entail. Contact Knoxville Dentist today to schedule your first Invisalign appointment with Dr. Malone.

Moving your teeth into proper alignment through orthodontics should not only give you a beautiful smile but also align your teeth so your teeth and jaw joints can work more effectively and so there is minimal wear and tear on your teeth, jaw bones and joints. The proper spacing of your teeth also results in your ability to brush and floss all surfaces of your teeth more easily and thoroughly, reducing harmful bacteria that cause dental caries and gum disease. This means you will have fewer oral health problems, need less restorative dentistry over your lifetime, and should have comfortable jaw joints and muscles.

Dr. Malone begins with a comprehensive examination of your overall oral health with attention on your occlusion (bite). If you grind your teeth or experience jaw joint pain, Dr. Malone will likely recommend a night-guard and a period of bite splint therapy to stabilize the joints prior to tooth positioning.

The advantages of having orthodontics as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes improving the way your teeth come together are the following:

  • Proper alignment enhances tooth and jaw function, thus maximizing long-term oral health and comfort.
  • Proper alignment increases the longevity of the dentistry. Both your natural teeth and your restorations will last longer.
  • Having straight teeth makes it easier for you and the dental hygienist to keep them clean.
  • If you need a filling, crown or bridge, Dr. Malone can do a more optimal restoration if the teeth are aligned properly.

Another advantage for many people is the improvement of facial appearance and a genuinely more beautiful smile.

When you choose Dr. Malone for Invisalign treatment, not only will you achieve a more beautiful smile, but you also will enjoy improved oral health for the years to come.

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