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Dr. Malone Changing Lives Ones Smile at a Time

CAM00259-1-150x150Meet Michael Taylor.  A drug addict since the age of 20, but now has a new outlook on life thanks to Dr. Malone and his staff.  After a massive overdose on March 6, 2011, Michael decided to enter into rehab and get his life on track. He’s been completely sober for two years, however, the pain of his drug-damaged teeth became unbearable.

Michael’s road to success started after he entered into ITT Tech and decided he wanted a career.  However, he lacked the confidence to smile and converse with fellow students, let alone an employer.  His fiancé, Jeniffer, decided to help him get his smile back.  She called every dentist in Knoxville and asked for assistance.  After explaining his situation and what Michael can now offer to the community, Dr. Malone decided to help.

Dr. Malone and his staff, along with Dr. Josh Campbell, reconstructed Michael’s smile.  “Without the help Dr. Malone gave me, I would have zero confidence.  Now, I love to smile.  My confidence landed me a new job and I can’t thank Dr. Malone, his wife, Lisa, and their staff, for their kindness and helping me turn my life around.”

Michael and Jeniffer will be married in April 2014 at Cades Cove and we can’t wait to see his smile in all the pictures.  Congratulations Michael!