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Dental Cleanings Are Vital for Oral Health

For a healthy smile, you should schedule routine dental cleanings. Along with daily brushing and flossing, they are among the most important factors in the fight against decay and gum disease. Dr. Stephen K. Malone and his entire team provide thorough dental cleanings for adults and kids. At each visit, your hygienist will remove plaque and tartar. Then Dr. Malone or his associate, Dr. Erin L. Noble, will check the overall health of your teeth. For optimal dental health, you should schedule biannual dental cleanings at our Knoxville practice. To schedule your cleaning or to find out more about our treatments, contact our office today.

Knoxville Dentist – Dental Hygiene

The Importance of Routine Dental Cleanings

Your mouth naturally contains certain amounts of bacteria, and some are actually beneficial to your dental health. However, other harmful bacteria will interact with sugar to form acid. The acid will erode your dental enamel, and the bacteria will penetrate through the underlying layers of your tooth. Eventually, this process will cause a cavity. In addition, if bacteria remains on your teeth, it can form pockets below your gum line. As the pockets grow, you may suffer gum recession, tooth loss, and bone degeneration. Fortunately, routine cleanings can prevent these problems from occurring.

What Happens during a Cleaning?

When you come in for your appointment, you will first meet with one of our friendly hygienists. Each of our team members are dedicated to your comfort and peace of mind. They will use gentle techniques to remove plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria from your teeth. Your hygienist will also happily answer any questions about your oral health and the best ways to care for your teeth.

Then Dr. Malone or his associate will examine your teeth and gums. If he detects any signs of gum disease, he will recommend treatment. When the disease is caught in the early stages, your dentist can often treat it with a regular or deep cleaning. In the later stages, it will require more aggressive care. Dr. Malone will also take x-rays on a regular basis. These images will reveal decay or misalignment that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Who Will Benefit from a Dental Cleaning?

Patients of all ages should undergo dental cleanings. As soon as children develop their first teeth, they should visit the dentist regularly. Children’s teeth are just as susceptible to decay as adult teeth. Decay is a vicious cycle. Patients who have cavities in childhood are more likely to have them as adults. Additionally, individuals who no longer have natural teeth should also receive routine cleanings. Even people with dental implants or removable dentures are still susceptible to gum disease. Regular dental care can prevent gum irritation, jawbone recession, and a changed facial structure.

Schedule Your Cleaning Today

If it is time for your dental cleaning, do not put off the care you need. Contact us today to schedule a dental cleaning for yourself or your child. Located in Knoxville, we proudly serve patients from the surrounding communities, including Powell, Karns, Farragut, Seymour, Maryville, and Oak Ridge.