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Teeth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you require removal of one or more teeth, we believe you deserve extraction that is expertly performed and gentle. Both Doctors Stephen Malone and Michael Costa have many years of experience doing this, so rarely are patients in need of going to an oral surgeon. Even wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure in our office Knoxville, TN office.

Because our focus is on you, procedures and conversations are never hurried. Gentleness goes hand in hand with taking time to carefully remove teeth in the way that puts the least strain on your jaw and causes the least post-operative inflammation. And, with today’s local anesthetics, faster-healing techniques, and the availability of moderate oral sedation, our dentists efficiently and painlessly remove teeth. for which post-operative treatment rarely requires more than a simple over-the-counter pain reliever.

Should your tooth be removed?

In an ideal world, you would keep your full set of adult teeth throughout your life. Unfortunately, circumstances do occur that warrant the removal of a tooth. For example, if a tooth is severely decayed or fractured, restoration may not be possible. After removal of the damaged tooth, a bridge or implant-retained crown can be used to fill the gap.

If the mouth is not large enough to accommodate all the adult teeth, some teeth will be forced to come in at angles as they erupt, and the teeth will be crowded. A proper bite alignment and healthy teeth spacing might not be achievable with orthodontic treatment alone. And, in these cases, removal of a tooth or two, commonly the third molars (wisdom teeth), is required. There may even be a tooth that cannot erupt and lies under the bone tissue, placing pressure on adjacent tooth roots. This is a frequent occurrence with third molars. Keep in mind that the third molars are not needed for biting and speaking function.

After examining your oral health circumstance, our dentists will be able to tell you if dental extraction is an appropriate treatment option to meet your oral health circumstances. If there are alternative treatments to restore health and improve the quality of your life, we will discuss these with you. We’ll take the time to ensure you are fully informed and able to make the best decisions for yourself.

Are you concerned that you might need a dental extraction?

We welcome you to give us a call today. At Knoxville Smiles, we are on your side when it comes to minimizing the dentistry you need to create and maintain oral health and optimal, comfortable function. You’ll receive the attentive, personal care you deserve.