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So Much More Than a Cleaning!

Research (and years of practice!) have shown that regular preventive maintenance visits decrease the probability of major dental health care problems throughout life, thus making it imperative that we schedule and keep our “cleaning” appointments. However…it is so much more that a cleanining! At preventive maintenance visits we:

  • Review your medical history to make sure that medications are not impacting dental health. That actually happens quite often.
  • Perform an oral cancer screening. Oral cancers are common, but are very difficult to treat. Early detection is the key.
  • Determine if the bacteria in your mouth is affecting your gum tissue and your bone around your teeth. Did you know that up to 80% of adults have some form of gum disease?
  • Assess the condition of your teeth and let you know if we see any issues that may arise n the future. We like our patients to know what is going on in their mouths and help to prevent or plan for future treatments needs.
  • Remove the tartar, stain and biofilm that are attached to your teeth and, when left for long period of time, lead to gum disease.
  • Teach you about new technology and prevention methods that may benefit your health.

So, next time you think, “Oh it will be ok if I miss my “cleaning” this time around”, think again! It is so much more than a cleaning!