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Angie W.

All of the staff were super friendly and wonderful! Jennifer Waters is by far the best dental assistant I have ever encountered. She was excellent and helpful in explaining what steps were being done in my visit and I felt in great care! I was very impressed by the clean, modern and hi-tech office!

Julie M.

Thank you for the wonderful, painless dental work! Your work was amazing – saving two teeth that other dentists told me needed to be pulled and replaced with implants. Your expertise also filled a tooth other dentists said needed a crown Your work added up to a large savings for me and is greatly appreciated! I have recommended you to anyone who is looking for a dentist or is unhappy with the one they have. My husband, who dreads going to the dentist, is looking forward to his first visit. Your whole office and staff is positive and welcoming.

John R.

As a medical professional, I envy the friendliness and welcoming attitude that your office staff convey. I know all too well that this doesn’t happen by accident. Kudos for your overall office atmosphere!

Kathryn P.

Shannon was probably the best Hygienist I have ever worked with. I can really tell that she loves her job. You guys do a great job with your marketing as well as educating your patients. Your excellent customer service helped me to feel relaxed and at ease during my visit. You have definitely won my loyalty to your business for as long as I am in Knoxville.

Susan H.

Shannon is the best hygienist ever!!

Roberta A.

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed going to a dental hygienist as much as I have Isabela. Not only does she give excellent service & cleaning, but her passion for wanting me to take better care of my gums through flossing made me listen. I was thrilled to hear how much better my gums were…and so was she. She takes a sincere interest. And, Dr. Malone, well…what can I say? He is the best! My teeth have never looked so good. My only regret is not going to him before my last high school reunion. My smiles would have been a lot bigger.

Dawn Y.

I was a bit taken aback by the courtesy and the service I received from Dr. Malone and from the staff. I’ve never met a dentist who was THAT interested in MY teeth! It was like a “dental utopia”. Ha! If every doctor and dentist and staff was as attentive, the medical community would be a different world.

Mitchell H.

I am terrified at the thought of even going to the dentist but once I was there I realized I was in good hands. They quickly took care of my immediate need. I am looking forward to going back and starting a plan of correction for my teeth.

S. Jones

The staff at was excellent and very attentive. It was the best visit to a dentist office I have had. I will definitely be coming back and will recommend to anyone seeking a new dentist.

Linda K.

The best explanation and care taking I have ever had in a dentist office. It was terrific, Thank you.

Wendy O.

Everyone was very friendly and made me feel special. I’m in sales, so I really appreciated that! Good customer service is hard to find these days, so great job!

Nick W.

Shannon , has been very helpful with all my visits , always a pleasure to come to Malone Dentistry. I know I can always count on you’all. Thanks Job well done , I will spread the word!

Jennifer B.

My teeth look amazing! Usually I’m freaked out about the dentist. Dr Malone, Barbra, and hygentist Shannon are AMAZING! They are do helpful an kind! Dr Malone explained everything to me step by step…and Barbra and Shannon were a lot more than just good at their job, they have a wonderful ear and listened to me ramble on an on. I’m so happy with my teeth and the service that I recovers there!

Deb S.

It is so far my best ever visit to a dental clinic. Thanks to each one of you there.

Dianne R.

Loved my new dentist. Made me feel comfortable with decisions I made. Barbara is superb in her skills. I just love ALL you guys! Even though it snowed, we all made it out alive.

Alicia A.

I have always had a wonderful experience with Dr. Malone and all the staff! I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist. Dr. Malone did beautiful work on my son’s teeth! You can’t tell his real tooth from the one that has been fixed.

Cristal H.

I would like to thank Dr. Malone again for fixing the tooth next to the original one that I came in to get worked on at no charge. I drive an hour (one way) to this office each time that I have an appointment and it is well worth the drive. I am completely satisfied with the professionalism and friendliness of each and everyone in the office. I do not ever plan to look for a dentist again as long as this office remains open for business. Thanks again for treating me with dignity, respect and kindness.

Tim J.

I was completely impressed by the quality and professionalism of the staff and facilities as usual.

Cate D.

I am very pleased with the work done on my implant. I was in an emergency situation and your office fit me into your busy schedule. We will be scheduling appointments with you.

S. R.

First of all I’ll like to thank Dr Malone for a great job on my tooth. He was very gentle with me and I’m so happy. The staff is really nice and the service was excellent. Best dentist ever to fix your teeth in an emergency situation–now, I have a dentist for life.

Mark M.

This place was recommended to me by a friend, and I have since recommended it to my parents as well. The staff is very friendly and make the experience enjoyable. Other than cleanings, I have had two back molars capped using some amazing new technology. The results are great, and the problems have been sufficiently dealt with.

Syondra C.

Just a note to congratulate you, Dr. Malone, on completing the Pankey Scholar program at The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. You are well deserving of this nationwide recognition earned by years of diligent work. Having been your patient for several years it is easy to recognize your enthusiasm and dedication to the dental profession. The expertise demonstrated by you and your staff has alleviated any concerns we have had regarding dental care. It is with complete confidence that we recommend you to family and friends.

Susan J.

Dr. Malone is not only a great dentist but a great person as well. I always feel at home in the office, like I’m visiting with old friends. All of the staff make it a point to come by when I’m in the office and say Hi, ask about my kids, my running, etc. It is almost sad when my visit ends! I’ve never had such personal attention from any medical or dental professional! Not only are Dr. Malone and his staff are very friendly, they are complete dental professionals. They are up to date on current procedures and dental issues, and I know I’m receiving the best care possible. Dr. Malone and staff have given me a smile that I’m finally proud to wear!

Kinny P.

I have been plagued with dental problems since an accident when I was 4 years old. I received an unbelievable level of care and thoughtfulness by Dr. Malone and his entire staff. Dr. Malone’s heart is revealed in the treatment of his patients. My family and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Diane D.

Dr. Malone has done wonders with my teeth! I can’t believe some of the things he is able to do. I’m blown away. He is a true artist and has given me a beautiful smile for which I will always be grateful. This is the greatest gift anyone could have given me.

Lula R.

In the past, I have had less than ideal situations with other dentists and Dr. Malone has always treated me with such care as well as his staff. Dr. Malone clearly wants your teeth to be perfect and will do all that he can to help you achieve that. Each time I step into the office, each individual I come into contact with always makes my visit as pleasant as possible. Thank you Dr. Malone and staff for taking a scary experience for me and making it one of comfort.

Lori L.

Around the age of 12, my dentist realized that I did not have one of my Upper Laterals. The decision was made to pull my other adult Lateral and push all of my teeth forward with braces. Once my braces were removed, my two Upper Cuspids were reshaped to resemble laterals. They never looked right. They were too large and thick. This caused me to be very self-conscious of my smile, and my confidence drastically dropped. For over ten years, I visited several dentists to obtain cosmetic bonding, but I was never completely happy. Finally I found Dr. Malone. In a few short hours, he was able to give me the smile I have always wanted. He knew that it was important to work on all of my upper front teeth, not just two of them. My teeth are now longer and more proportional. I have received so many compliments. I was able to begin a new career with confidence and I cannot thank him enough.

Matt S.

I greatly enjoy doing business with you all. Everyone is outstanding.

Ashley P.

I absolutely love Dr. Malone and his staff! They are so friendly and so compassionate about what they do.

Kari H.

Kim, Tammy, and Dr. Malone were all absolutely wonderful. I had very bad experiences at the dentist as a child, so I tend to be a chicken about it. Unfortunately I chipped a tooth so I needed to see someone quickly. Kim got me in to see Dr. Malone at 8am the next morning. I felt comfortable the second I got there, and very informed of my options when I left. I am very happy to say that I have found a permanent home for my dental care!